Frank Gu
Director, Institute for Water Innovation

Frank Gu is the Director of the Institute for Water Innovation in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, the NSERC Senior Industrial Research Chair in Nanotechnology Engineering, and a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto. A leading nanotechnology engineer, his research has resulted in numerous inventions that have advanced the field of functional nanomaterials, driving their applications in healthcare and promoting environmental sustainability. Most notably, his research group has been at the forefront of engineering buoyant photocatalysts that can be powered by natural sunlight, showcasing their effectiveness in improving the safety of industrial wastewater. In 2015, he founded H2nanO Inc, commercializing energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and climate-resilient passive water treatment solutions for the mining, power, and process industries.



Mandeep Singh Rayat
Manager, Institute for Water Innovation

Mandeep leads the Institute’s promotional efforts, and engagement with potential industry partners. He¬†has held¬†communications and marketing roles at Eco-Tec, a local water treatment equipment manufacturer, and Avalon Advanced Materials, a mineral development company with a primary focus on rare metals and minerals.