The Institute for Water Innovation (IWI) is a collective of researchers in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, at the University of Toronto, who are engaged in various aspects of water research.

Our research interests fall into four general categories:

Water Management

  • Novel Industrial Operating Strategies to Conserve Water
  • Watershed Assessment and Management
  • Mine Hydrology and Water Balances
  • Drinking Water Distribution Optimization

Water Characterization

  • Sensor Development
  • Chemical Modelling of Aqueous Systems
  • Biochemical Characterization

Water Treatment

  • Membrane Separation and Distillation
  • Bioprocesses to Treat Effluent Streams
  • Low Cost Porous Carbons to Treat Effluent Streams
  • Electrochemical Methods for Treatment and Desalination
  • Low Energy Processes to Remove Soluble Salts
  • CFD Modelling of Treatment Processes
  • Drinking Water Treatment

Water Remediation

  • Biotreatment of Wastes and Conversion to Value Added Products
  • Bioremediation of Groundwater
  • Bioleaching of Tailings and Recovery of Metals and Chemicals
  • Pressure Oxidation Technologies for Slags and Recovery of Base Metals
  • Engineering of “Green Infrastructures” (e.g. wetlands, bioretention cells) for the Removal of Contaminants in Effluent Streams
  • Removal of Residual Hydrocarbons from Oils Sands Tailings Using Oleophilic Foam