Steve Mann Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Steve Mann, inventor of the hydraulophone, created the Hydraulikos Water Centre in 2011, bringing together Waterfront Toronto, University of Toronto, and others, to map out a strategy for Toronto as the world’s epicenter of water and smart cities.
Mann is researching fluid flow, underwater acoustics, underwater sensing, ultrasound, and hydraulophonics, the study of underwater sound waves, as well as the use of hydraulophones for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Additionally, Mann’s invention of the hydraulophone led him to discover important principles of time-integrated displacement, for which he coined the terms “absement” and “integral kinematics”, topics that now encompass thousands of articles.  This work also led to “integral kinesiology” based on the use of water flow and deadheading as a new form of physical fitness and training.
Mann also created the world’s first underwater virtual reality experience, “immersive VR”, and the first fluid user-interface (“immersive multimedia”).